How to Remove DRM from iTunes M4P Songs


This is a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to remove DRM protection from your iTunes purchased music and convert iTunes M4P music to MP3, AAC, FLAC or WAV format with iTunes Music Converter.

“How can I remove DRM from iTunes music files? I’ve purchased and downloaded a lot of music from the iTunes Store and I want to take away the lock from iTunes Music. Any suggestions are very grateful.”

If you like to play a lot of iTunes music on different devices. Some of them are made by Apple, like your iPod nano/iPod shuffle and iPhone, but some are made by others, like Samsung TV and Android phones. Before 2009, iTunes music files are encoded with “FairPlay” DRM protection. It limits you will not be able to play them on any media player and non-Apple devices. Therefore, removing DRM from protected iTunes music files becomes necessary if you want to play the songs with no restrictions.

Easily Strip DRM from iTunes Music, Sync to Any Devices for Playable

With the help of iTunes Music Converter, you can effortlessly remove DRM protection from iTunes Music and convert DRM M4P to any regular video/audio formats like MP3, FLAC, AAC or WAV format for playing offline on any devices.

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What iTunes Music Converter can do for you:

• Remove DRM from iTunes M4P music, Audiobooks, Apple Music.
• Convert iTunes M4P music to MP3/AAC/FLAC/WAV.
• Convert any audio at 16X faster speed with lossless quality.
• Keep ID Tags Information after conversion.
• Support the latest iTunes 12.6/12.7 version.

Steps to Remove Apple Music DRM on Mac/Windows

Step 1 Run iTunes Music Converter

Download, install and run the iTunes Music Converter on your Mac/Windows. And iTunes will be launched automatically. On the main screen, you will see the entire iTunes library is automatically loaded.

run iTunes Music Covnerter

Step 2 Select iTunes M4P Music

The program supports batch conversion so you can select as many preferred iTunes Music songs as you like. You can go to “Library” to select them or directly “Search” for songs.

select iTunes Music to convert

Step 3 Set the Output Settings

Go to “Output Format” and select available formats such as MP3 to replace the iTunes M4P music. Determine the output folder, or you may not find the designated file by default. Keep other data as they are, if no need.

select MP3 as output format

Step 4 Remove DRM Protection and Convert iTunes M4P Songs to MP3

Ready? Click “Convert” to start conversion. iTunes Music Converter removes iTune music DRM at 16X speed, so you will get DRM free iTunes music songs soon.

remove DRM from iTunes M4P Music

After the conversion, click on “Export Output File” to view the converted iTunes music files on computer. Then you’ll get DRM-free iTunes songs playable on any MP3 player or iOS or Android phones without limit.

open the output files folder

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